EU-OSHA prepares for hazardous chemicals campaign | December 2017

The HWC for 2018-19 will have five specific strategic objectives:

  • Raising awareness of the importance and relevance of managing dangerous substances in European workplaces, by providing facts and figures on exposure and the impact on workers;
  • Promoting risk assessment, elimination and substitution, and the hierarchy of prevention measures by providing information on practical tools and good practice examples;
  • Raising awareness of risks linked to exposure to carcinogens at work, by supporting the exchange of good practices as a signatory to the covenant committing to the carcinogens roadmap;
  • Targeting groups of workers with specific needs and higher levels of risk, by providing facts and figures and good practice information; and improving awareness of policy developments and the legislative framework, by providing an overview of the existing framework and guidance.

 Resources: include a campaign guide, leaflet and powerpoint

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